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Creating a vibrant new platform that celebrates Scottish portraiture

Through the Scottish Portrait Awards we aim to create a vibrant new platform for showcasing exceptional Scottish talent. You can join us on this exciting journey, and bring  more of our outstanding fine artists and photographers to public attention.  Contributions to the SPA Fund through the Charities Aid Foundation can help to support the SPA prizes, the promotion of the awards, the exhibition - including potential for it to travel to other places in Scotland - an innovative education programme and portrait workshops. Your contribution would make a valuable difference to this work and be entirely dedicated to the SPA programme.

Members of the organizing committee of the Scottish Portrait Awards include:
Gordon Mitchell, SPA Director/Chair of the Fine Art Panel
Siobhán Coward, Chair of the Photography Panel
Sara Cameron McBean, SPA Coordinator and Communications Director
Hilary Mounfield    
Dai Lowe        
Junko MacKenzie
George McBean
Joyce Campbell
Colin Munro
Addie (Adebusola) Mitchell - Public relations
Abbie McGunnigle - Student liaison
Fiona Jones - Content creation
LisaDora Mason-Chadburn- Instagram manager

The Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust is grateful to our foundation supporters whose generous support enabled the launch of the Scottish Portrait Awards in 2017:
Irene Adams, Sheila Colvin, Siobhán Coward, Geraldine Gammell, Professor Aileen Keel CBE, Lord Smith of Kelvin,  Mr. and Mrs. Markos Symeonides, The Scottish Arts Club 

About the Trust

The Scottish Portrait Awards is a project of the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust. The Trust was set up in 2014 to advance all forms of the creative arts in Scotland, to improve the accessibility of the creative arts to the general public and to encourage and assist in the development of up-and-coming artists, exhibitors and performers. It is chaired by Charles Scott with Trustees Hilary Mounfield, Gordon Mitchell, Sara Cameron McBean and Leeona Dorrian, Hilary, Grodon and Sara are all deeply involved in managing the SPAs.

The Trust supports a range of awards and prizes in addition to the Scottish Portrait Awards, as well as exhibitions and concerts. The  Trust is independent and relies on donations in order to continue its work.

The SPA Fund is a dedicated fund on the Charities Aid Foundation website  set up by the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust that accepts one-off, monthly or annual donations. 

The benefits of SPA Friendship
To become a friend of the SPAs donate at least £60 per annum. In exchange you will receive:

  • An opportunity to attend an annual Friends of the SPA Lunch with SPA fine artists and photographers at the Scottish Arts Club. 
  • A free SPA 2018 catalogue and an annual SPA newsletter with exclusive insider briefings on the 2018 finalists.
  • Advance notice and booking opportunities for all Trust events 
  • throughout 2018.
  • The knowledge that your contribution is helping to build the Scottish Portrait Awards and a unique platform for outstanding Scottish talent in fine art and photographic portraiture.

To find out more about suporting the Scottish Portrait Awards contact Hilary Mounfield
or Sara Cameron McBean

Cover photo credits: Ewan McClure, Counterpoints; Mike Crawford, Self-portrait; Jenny Leask, Mark Cousins (details)