Angela Palmer


SPA 2019, Angela Palmer, Self-Portrait £17,500

SPA 2019, Angela Palmer, Self-Portrait £17,500

Glass,  50cm x 45cm x 37cm

Glass, 50cm x 45cm x 37cm

The sculpture is a self-portrait, based on MRI scans undertaken in collaboration with The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. I developed this technique to show objects ‘floating’ as three-dimensional drawings while studying anatomy at the Ruskin School of Fine Art. As a portrait, it is free of the immediately identifiable surface features which we are accustomed to, allowing the viewer to explore objectively, the extraordinary unseen structures under the skin, in an ethereal and transient manner

After a career in journalism (which I began in my home town of Edinburgh), I studied fine art at the Ruskin and the Royal College of Art. Mapping is at the core of my work, mainly using MRI and CT scans to explore and re-create natural forms. These include my brain (Scottish National Portrait Gallery); an Egyptian child mummy (The Ashmolean); an area of space using Nasa data for the Kepler mission (The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum); and a glass heart (The Royal Papworth, Cambridge). Recently, I created the Geological ‘Spine’ of Great Britain, spanning 3 billion years.