Emanuele Centi

Annalisa - bonnie - emilie in dreams

(Three works selected for SPA 2019. Click to enlarge image)

SPA 2019 Emanuele Centi, Annalisa, Digital, 41.50 cm x 30.50 cm (unframed) £95 (All rights reserved)

SPA 2019 Emanuele Centi, Bonnie, Film, 41.50om x 34 cm (unframed), £95 (All rights reserved)

SPA 2019 Emanuele Centi, Emilie in Dreams, 5 x 4 Film, 42 x 35 cm (framed) £95 (all rights reserved)

Annalisa: This is a portrait of my friend Annalisa. It's from a series of studio shoots I used to experiment with light. Trying to use light to create softness and dreaminess, but also a good contrast with a nice range of tones. The idea is to get to a portrait that makes you wonder and travel with your imagination. Ending with a final image which is quite far from that particular studio it was shot at, that particular time etc..

Bonnie: I met Bonnie at Cadderlie bothy, last January. When I got there, she had already spent a few days at the bothy, including new year's eve. Bonnie is a 20 years old lass from Campeltown. I felt very curious and drawn to know more about her. We talked the whole night, and I found out she spends as much time as she can in bothies around Scotland, in order to escape where she feels she does not belong to, keen to feel free and create (she draws). She then goes back home, and tries to raise enough money to leave again. She definitely is out of the mainstream, which is why I asked to photograph her for my project "On the edge". This the shot I got on my Mamiya right after she had packed her homemade "medieval backpack", as she was leaving the bothy early in the morning to hitchhike back home.

Emilie in Dreams: Emilie is a researcher who kindly offered to model for me, on my first shoot with a 5x4 camera. As I have been doing most of the time last year, I used the time to experiment with light. When she told me what she did, I thought of trying to go as far as possible from the concrete world of science and bring her in a dreamy and surreal world

Originally born in Rome, I am a photography student at Edinburgh College. I bought my first camera 3 years ago, in love with Scottish scenery. After being drawn to landscape I started studying and have been introduced to studio work, and shaping light. Fell in love with portraiture since then, and also started shooting fashion over the last year. I was lucky enough to have my work recognised by the BIPP Scotland 2019, with awards in Fashion and the Student of the Year award. emanLooking forward to keeping experimenting with light during next year in the BA course.

Instagram: @centi.emanuele