Enter the SPA in Fine Art

Entries are open from 2 April to 30 June 2018

You may enter up to 6 works for the SPA in Fine Art and up to 6 works for the SPA in Photography

1. Read The Rules

2. Check the artwork size:

2D submissions for the SPA Fine Art Award should be no smaller than 30cm x 30cm and no larger than 150cm by 150cm when framed. 

3D works should be self-supporting with a minimum size of 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and maximum size of 100cm(height) x 50cm x 50cm. 

3. Photograph your artwork

Read the Photographing Artwork guide.

For round one, submit a  JPG/JPEG image, no greater than 3MB each. This should be 42 cms on the longest side. and 72 DPI. For 2D submissions you may submit one photograph of the complete artwork plus one detail. For 3D submissions you may submit 3 images showing different perspectives of the work.

We also advise that you take one hi-res image of your artwork at the same time to keep in reserve. This should be 42 cms on the longest side and 300 DPI. If your work is selected for the exhibition you will be asked to send the hi-res image for the catalogue. 

A small percentage of entrants have found their browser or device does not display the complete entry form.

This particularly seems to affect smartphones, but is not consistent; it seems to be down to the 'height' setting of the form. We think we've solved it, possibly at the cost of most users seeing acres of grey space at the bottom, and a long way to scroll up to see the 'Thanks' after submission.
But just to be sure, scroll down to the bottom of this page and, if the form does not end with a 'Submit' button, try another machine or browser. Or make the window wider.
If you still have difficulty, please contact Dai, the admin guy, at scotportrait@lucidity.ltd.uk.
If the submit button is there, go for it!

4. Pay the entry fee

Pay £10 per artwork entered for the SPAs by donation to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust. All funds paid to the Trust are used to support the Scottish Portrait Awards. You may pay your fee(s) by credit/debit card, PayPal or by cheque. A single payment can cover multiple fine art submissions, but each entry will need its own form.

To pay via credit/debit card or PayPal
Follow the link to pay £10 per artwork through the secure Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website.  

Important: When making your donation please do not choose to remain completely anonymous. If you do choose to be anonymous we will not know who you are and will not be able to link your payment to your artwork. This could result in your artwork being eliminated from the awards. You may choose to have no further contact from us without choosing to be anonymous. 

To pay by cheque
Payment by cheque is possible if it is drawn on a UK bank account. Make your cheque payable to the Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust and for £10 per artwork entered. On the back of the cheque write your name and email address.. Send the cheque to:

The Scottish Portrait Awards, Scottish Arts Club Charitable Trust,                                            24 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW, UK

5. Complete the entry form and attach your entries  for the SPA in Fine Art

After you have clicked to submit, please scroll up to see the confirmation. You will also receive an email confirming your entry. If you have any difficulties or questions please write to the SPA administrator, Dai Lowe, at scotportrait@lucidity.ltd.uk

Cover photo credit: Alan McGowan, Jamie King (detail)