Moira McInally

I am a Scottish artist, living and working near Glasgow. On a cold, grey February day, I began this oil painting of my son, an apprentice with BAE Systems, Glasgow.  I chose the composition and palette to reflect the rich, living history and tradition which he, as part of a new generation of proud shipbuilders on the Clyde, feels so much part of. As the painting progressed, it became more about the sense of renewed optimism in the shipyards, and the blend of the old and the new, working together, to keep Glasgow’s heart beating stronger than ever.

2017 SPA Exhibition The Apprentice        120 x 120 cm        Oil         £950

Other work outside the Scottish Portrait Awards

Sir Billy Connolly (oil painting) 69cm x 60 cm

Pride    (Oil painting)      60cm x 60 cm

A Determined Mind  ( Oil Painting) 120cmx120cm