Ross McAuley

Self-portrait in pyjamas

My painting is a self-portrait in a fabulous pair of pyjamas that I am very fond of.

SPA 2017 Exhibition, Self-portrait in pyjamas, 76.2 x 101.6 cm, Oil on canvas, £750

Self-portrait with Cleo

This picture is a self-portrait with my favourite dog, Cleo. She is a very good girl.

 SPA Exhibition 2018 70 x 120 cm  Oil on canvas  £750

SPA Exhibition 2018 70 x 120 cm Oil on canvas £750

I was born and raised in Toronto and worked in television post=production before moving to Glasgow in 2013 to pursue a career in fine arts. I make pictures as a way to engage with the world around me and to present how I see it.

People are especially fascinating to me. The way they look, the way they are and the ways they make me feel are the greatest influences on my life and work. Painting portraits is fundamental to my artistic practice. Everything I make stems from a direct response to something real that strikes me visually or emotionally.

Other works outside the Scottish Portrait Awards