Stephanie Rew

Her primary subject matter is the female figure. Rich colourful textiles are a predominant motif to her work. Tone and form as well as strong light and colour is what inspires her, concentrating on the juxtaposition of tonality and texture whilst keeping a private, reflective mood within the work. 

Stephanie utilises a combination of Old Masters techniques with her own. Her use of glazes is important to the finished article. The composition and colour harmonies of the Japanese Ukiyo-e wood cut prints, Caravaggios' trademark use of chiaroscuro and strong colour created by glazing techniques as well as the bravura painting style of Sargent  are all inspirations in her work.

Stephanie was the only artist to have two works selected for the 2017 SPA exhibition, Harvet Gold (Harriet) and Jessica.

SPA 2017 Exhibition,Harvest Gold (Harriet) 30 x 40 cm Oil on linen SOLD

SPA 2017 Exhibition,Jessica 30 x 40 cm Pastel and white gold leaf SOLD

Other works outside the Scottish Portrait Awards