Laurence Winram

Matt - michael

(Two works selected for SPA 2019. Click image to enlarge)

SPA 2019, Laurence Winram, Matt, Digital Giclee print, 38 x 50 cm (framed) £190 (All rights reserved)

SPA 2019 Laurence Winram, Michael, Digital Giclee print, 38 x 50 cm (framed) £190 (All rights reserved)

Matt: I'm always trying to get outside of my comfort zone and see differently. For that to happen it's important to me that my subjects are at ease and are comfortable with an unknown outcome. Matt is very creative so it makes that wandering in the dark to find the image a lot easier. He’s a wonderful character that's both wild and original as well as being a very gentle man. I wanted to capture both of those sides. I had no idea what the image was going to be when we started.

Michael: I first noticed Michael in a bar one evening. He had such a sense of personality and style that I went over to talk to him. A photographer as well as a life model, he ended up becoming a friend. He experiences life fully, very much an artist at heart, so is a wonderful subject for sitting. I shoot a lot of dramatic images in my studio but with Michael I felt drawn to capture him in a quieter fashion with his eyes closed and looking away. You can still feel him through that, such is his presence.

About Laurence: I love all forms of art but trained in photography so I focus my energy there. I work commercially as well as on my own fine art projects and every day I have to pinch myself because I get to do what I love. The part I love the most is also the frustrating part, you can’t know or define what is right in an image, you just have to play and find it, or sometimes not. Those moments of searching are when I’m most alive and I feel like a child again.

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